A Primer On Commercial Insurance For Your Business Trucks

When it comes to purchasing commercial insurance for your trucks, you must research which types of coverage are best for your company and how to remain within your budget.
Types of Coverage

When you initially shop for commercial insurance for vehicles, you will notice that there are several different types of coverage. The types of coverage that you require will vary greatly depending on the type of trucks you own and the cargo you will carry.

One type of coverage that your fleet will need is commercial auto liability, which will pay for damage to property and bodily injuries in the event of an accident where your driver is at fault. Any vehicle that transports goods must have this coverage prior to registration.

There are also many optional types of coverage offered by truck owners. Some examples of typical policies include physical damage coverage and cargo coverage. Physical damage policies include collision coverage, which pays to repair or replace your vehicle if it is in an accident, and comprehensive coverage, which covers damage from fire and theft. Cargo policies replace any ruined or lost goods damaged in transport. There are also workers’ compensation and general liability policies if needed. Always check with your broker to find out exactly what your business needs.

Saving Money

If you want to save money on commercial insurance for your fleet, the first thing to consider is the ratio of your premium versus your deductible. Your premium is your monthly payment, and the deductible is the amount that you are willing to pay for damage and repairs before the insurer pays the remainder. The larger your deductible is, the lower your monthly premiums will be.

Business insiders believe that it is wise for most companies to purchase policies which contain the largest deductibles that they can afford so they can save on premiums. This works especially well when you, or any drivers you hire, are responsible, experienced, and have a clean driving record. Any moving violations or accidents can cause nervous insurers to raise premiums without notice regardless of a high deductible.

Outside of agreeing to huge deductibles, there are also other ways to save on commercial insurance premiums. You can contact the broker for any other policies that you currently hold and ask for a discount on any subsequently purchased policy.

There are also commercial insurance companies that cut premiums for drivers that obtain specific certifications or pass a particular course. Sometimes consistent truck maintenance, warning stickers, and security systems can earn a company a reduction in premiums as well. Check with your provider about any promotions that they may offer.

Set Up A Consultation

By now, you have a general idea of what you should discuss when you first consult with your broker. If you consider the types of trucks you own, your drivers’ collective expertise, and the nature of your freight, you should have no problem deciding which types of policies are necessary for your business. Don’t forget that you can save money by asking about any specials your broker may offer for safe driving or bundling products.

New 4K Switch Works Magic with Control4 Home Automation

You want 4K in all your rooms. How do you get it? The switch. Not the kind your grandmother threatened to beat you with — the kind that goes hand-in-hand with the Control4 home automation system. Control4, which recently acquired the Australian-based audio/video provider Leaf, has just come out with its new 4K AV matrix switch, which allows its customers the luxury of having 4K content in every room of their houses — all at the flip of a switch. And not just generic content either — copy-protected content as well. That’s because it’s HDCP 2.2 compliant. If you get 2.0, you’re going to end up with black screens where your content ought to be.
Small and Cute

This receiver’s looks are deceiving. Tiny and compact, it brings big changes to your viewing experience via a single cable. You don’t even need to plug it into the wall. The last thing you need or want is another stack of black boxes and more miles of wires and nests of cables — that’s why this switch is so great; it packs a lot of power into a small space.

What Does 4K Mean to You?

Tech geeks and hobbyists know that 4K means 4,000 pixels of horizontal resolution, but to many consumers, it simply means a really good picture. But it’s not just the picture you want, it’s the sound, too. This new switch includes an integrated audio feature that allows you to pump sound into eight different zones in your home. You can even experience heightened quality in rooms that are equipped with 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound while getting the same audio (albeit a little less impressive) in your other zones.

No Waiting

Another switch feature is advanced device management, which allows for speedier switching when you’re all ready to watch. Why should you have to tolerate lag time? You’re busy. You want your content and you want it now. And the variety is impressive — you can watch Blu-ray discs, Roku, Apple TV, streaming media or a movie from your own collection. All this can be had with the addition of a device the size of a deck of cards, and it can all be controlled with a single remote. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. It’s real. That’s not to say you might not benefit from a quick tutorial or a demonstration. You can order this device online and install it yourself, since no hardware or software is necessary, but if you purchase from your local high-end home automation dealer, you can rest assured you will get the extra support you need. Control4 also stands behind the new product 100 percent, and offers support, service and a full warranty on all purchases. The fact that this 4K switch fits seamlessly into the Control4 home automation system makes it a boon for those whose homes are already managed by the ultimate automation solution.

Frequently Asked Questions about Homeowners Insurance

Owning your own home is part of the American dream. Protecting it against any unforeseen accidents or natural disasters is one of the realities of home ownership. Before purchasing homeowners insurance in Santa Maria, CA, or your hometown, it is important to learn the facts about homeowners insurance in order to choose the right type of coverage for your home. Read on to get the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about homeowners insurance.

What Is Homeowners Insurance?

Homeowners insurance, also called hazard insurance, is a type of insurance policy that protects the home and its contents against potential hazards, damage, or emergencies. This type of insurance typically covers the cost of restoring damage caused natural disasters, water, or fire and loss of personal property due to theft or vandalism.

Am I Required to Purchase a Homeowners Insurance Policy?

Unlike auto insurance, homeowners are not legally required to purchase a homeowners insurance policy. However, most mortgage lenders require homeowners to purchase a minimum amount of insurance coverage before issuing a loan. If you own your home free and clear, you are not required to carry homeowners insurance.

What Are the Different Types of Homeowners Insurance?

Because each home is unique, there are several different types of homeowners insurance policies designed to meet the specific needs of your home. The following are some of the most common types of homeowners insurance policies:

Straight replacement coverage: This policy provides a pre-determined amount of money to repair or rebuild your home.
Guaranteed replacement cost coverage: This policy provides the necessary funds to fully replace your home regardless of increased building costs, inflation, or policy limits.
Flood Insurance: This policy provides necessary funds to repair or replace your home if damaged by floodwaters. Standard homeowners insurance policies to not cover water damage caused by waterways or dams.
Earthquake Insurance: This policy provides necessary funds to repair or replace your home if damaged or destroyed by an earthquake. Standard homeowners insurance policies do not cover damage caused by earthquakes.
Mortgage life insurance: This policy provides necessary funds to pay off the mortgage loan on the home in the event of the homeowner’s death.

How Much Coverage Do I Need?

Because your home is your largest and most important asset, it is important to purchase adequate insurance coverage to fully protect it against any type of loss. Most insurance providers recommend purchasing a policy worth at least 80% of the replacement value of your home and personal property inside the home. Purchasing additional coverage is highly recommended to ensure that your home is properly protected.

What Factors Affect Homeowners Insurance Premiums?

A premium is the yearly cost of your insurance policy. The following factors can affect the cost of your homeowners insurance premium:

Features: Your home’s age and characteristics including type of structure, roof, and wiring, can all affect the cost of the premium.
Location: Insurance rates can be affected by certain neighborhoods or locations predisposed to extreme weather conditions.
Protective devices: Smoke detectors, alarm systems, fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems, and deadbolts can lower insurance premiums.
Personal factors: Nonsmokers and individuals with a good credit history may be eligible for lower insurance premiums.
Claims history: Individuals with a history of homeowners insurance policy claims may pay a higher premium.

What Items Are Excluded from Homeowners Insurance Policies?

When shopping for homeowners insurance in Santa Maria, CA, it is important to understand that most comprehensive policies have certain limitations and exclusions. Some of the most common items excluded in homeowners insurance policies include automobiles, motorhomes, boats, business property, and pets. Some policies may also provide limited coverage on guns, jewelry, and silverware. Consulting an experienced insurance agent can be helpful to ensure that you find the right policy for your coverage needs.

The Key Features of Best Video Production Companies

Videos are a great way of marketing. The videos are different types of explained, informative, descriptive, and promotional & documentaries. The video presentation, as well as promotion, is very important for the seminar, lecturer, YouTube Channel and advertisement.
The videos are very important part of the meeting and other important events and occasion. Observing the importance of the video, it is required to hire the best quality video producing organization to meet the very purpose of the video. Below are some of the key features should observe while selecting a good video organization to produce the excellent quality videos.

Quality & Expertise:

Quality of videos is the highly necessary and best features of any best video producing company. There is full of fraud companies and deliver very poor quality videos if proper information of the companies is not collected. High HD quality videos help on the fulfillment of the real purpose of promotion, advertisement, lectures, demonstration etc. it is also a good idea to analyze the skill of expert video makers of the company. The experience counts more than the freshly qualified experts. So make choice accordingly.


Communication is the keynote skill of any good video production Company creating & broadcasting on publishing videos is completely a communication business. The better the videos convey its intention & ideas to the audience the effect will be the video showing knowledge about communication skills.


Uniquely created videos stand separately in the crowd, otherwise same looking videos for all the customer is hiding in the crowd & in the competitive market. The uniqueness of videos required highly creative thinking. So have a great creative Team to create unique ideas is a very essential feature of the best corporate films made by the Video Production company.


Customer satisfaction is a great feature of Media production house. When the customer unsatisfied with the service of the company, he will complain and explain the negative reasons in the feedback page. But, in reality, no success or satisfied customer give feedback. So having less number of feedback assumed that there are more positive things. So in this way, the feedback page helps to find a suitable company to hire.


The genuine price chart is a key feature of choosing best Video Production services. Less than or more than the average cost per video making is not a good choice. The cost per creation also varies according to the types of video. A template rich video cost less than the animated video creation. So choose, observe & make the discussion as per the own realization.


The best companies are always well organized. They are asking right type of questions to understand the exact need of the customer. They analyze the market well, use different experts and produce a great good quality video and delivery on time. Here are some of the keynote features of best Video Producing Companies keep on the mind of these things & tips when selecting the best Video making service to make great quality excellent videos.