How to Use Video Content Marketing for Business

Video content is the only way to connect with your customers. It gives you high conversion rate than any other marketing content. You have to create engaging, informative, and creative content to grab your audience’s attention. You can also create promotional content for your business to attract your targeted audience. Marketers spend their most of the time on video marketing as it is easy and quite effective than others. People understand your points very easily and it increases the chance to buy your products or services. You can mainly focus on four types of video marketing on social media platform. These are educational videos, live videos, entertaining videos, and controversial videos. It requires lots of effort to produce commercial video content but if you have done well with some twist in it then you can surely see your results in ROI.

Now you are thinking how such video content helps your business to grow in this competitive world. Don’t worry, we’ll explain in details here.

The most important work of commercial video content is to spread your brand awareness online and to build business community by connecting with audiences. It increases the conversion rate by almost 80%. More than 75% marketers claim that video content produce higher conversion than any other content. We are living in the age of technology where most of the people are using smartphones or tablets with active internet connection. Short video content has gained the popularity to become the preferred delivery method of marketing strategies. Print media is outdated now. A short video advertisement quickly conveys their message and easy to understand. It grabs targeted audience’s attention and lasts for stay in their memory longer.

Types of video content on social media do consumers engage the most.

Research on your business’s audience will help you to decide which type of video content is actually engaging your consumers the most. Only then you’ll be able to produce such types of videos content to grab their attention. There are majorly four types of video content that consumers generally engage with most.

1. Controversial video content:
This type of video is actually carrying shock value and you have to pick a side. If someone is exposing their private or personal video over internet, they become controversy overnight. People will watch it, enjoy it and share with their community. It is very important to know about your audience’s view interest before making any controversial video. Hopefully, you don’t want to lose your potential and existing customers just because of controversial video content.

2. Educational video content:
This refers to the resource video that provides answers to your questions. It will surely drive high traffic to your website but there is a contradiction. Different people have different way of understanding. For example, if you explain something to someone in his prescribed format but you failed to satisfy all your viewers just because they prefer some other format to understand your point. People will receive your message differently. So, it’s better to provide content in multiple formats to reach out maximum audience.

3. Entertaining video content:
Any video content that makes a person express their emotions. It includes laugh, cry or even become enraged. The main motive of this type of video content is to engage your audiences to generate emotional connection. It is good for conversion rate and for business growth as well. Content may include comedy, funny clips, or prank etc. to keep engage your viewers to watch the full segment. Always remember your viewer’s interest and produce such kind of video to drive more traffic to your website or to make a record of views over social media platforms.

4. Live video content:
It is the most used feature nowadays. It also engages audience globally in real time. You can ask your audience to join you at your live events. News agencies are also using these features to reveal breaking news in real time. You can see this feature on social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, only as of now. Instagram live video is generally used as an extension of business’s photos. You can share your businesses expertise and connect with your audience in short chats. Coming live and answering all your viewer’s question will definitely build trust and hence enhances your reputation in market.

The key for your business growth is not making sales pitch. Focus only on engaging your audience by telling a story. Your business will surely provide most compelling ads ever. Just build your trust and increase your brand awareness globally. Success will come to you very soon.